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how to use a waterpick

When using your water Pick do not use anything but water.  It is the oxygen in the H2O molecule that helps kill the bacteria.  Most bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease are anaerobic, meaning they live in areas without oxygen.  In fact oxygen kills these organisms so it is important to use only water and not Listerine or some other agent in your irrigator.  To start, get a steady stream of water going. If it is a shower floss, Make sure it is not too strong and not to weak; the water stream should not sting. If it is a Waterpik pulsating brand start on the low setting and over the course of several; weeks work your way up to the highest setting.  Position the tip of the waterpick at a 90 degree angle to the space between the teeth for at least 5 seconds. Move the water-pick along the tooth at the gum-line until you reach the next space. Continue until all of the spaces between teeth are flushed. Waterpick the front and back of your teeth!  Be sure NOT to angle the water stream directly into the tissue where the tooth meets the gums.

Great for braces too!

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